ALPIX - a Company engaged in the maintenance and renovation of buildings. The company was established in 1992.

Our activities approach to ecologic purifying and inhibiting of the degradation processes of stone and brick linings. We use the most modern methods based on our own patent, whose non-invasive action on the cleaned surface gives excellent effect, restoring the original state of the objects entrusted to us for restoration.

Ecological restoration activities are the ALPIX’s credo, and this is what distinguishes us. Our technology of cleaning the building facades is based on natural methods that are currently recommended in the EU legislation, and we have been using them successfully for almost twenty years. This puts us in a row with the companies of richest experience in the industry. This is a low-pressure hydro-attrition technology. Special device mixing abrasive carefully selected to the type of the target type in combination with water mist in the nozzle, causes their motion around the axis. This results in the effect of "brushing", which allows for extremely gentle and thorough cleaning of all surfaces.

In addition to ecology, one of the most important reasons, which recommend this method for widespread use, is the non-infringement of the natural structure of the material to be revitalized during the cleaning. Technology can be applied to the surface of the limestone, dense limestone, all kinds of brick, sandstone and also to hard materials such as granite stone or syenites. This is an excellent technology for removing graffiti.

It is important not to destroy the facade during the cleaning and then properly perform maintenance work and secure the cleaned surfaces. This requires many years of experience, based on observations of changes in the structures of materials of the revitalized facilities. The Company individually approaches the renovation of each facility by creating a comprehensive program of conservation and the scope and sequence of works carried out in consultation with the Investor.

ALPIX is known as a reliable contractor in restoration works. This is confirmed by recommendations received from the customers. Our employees are highly qualified specialists with many years of experience. Participation in the Annual Fair of Restoration in Toruń in 2007 gave us the award for a cleaning device using low pressure hydro-attrition technology. We also participated in the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg in 2006.

In carrying out the renovation works, techniques for cleaning with chemicals and other sources which apparently clean surfaces are widely used. Effects of weather operation and wrong choice of materials cause bruising and discoloration, bring irreversible effects on all surfaces and destroy facilities and the environment. This process cannot be stopped or restored to original condition.

The dream of everyone who has care for monuments at heart involves their maintenance and modernization at the highest level. Not to mention the fact that at the same time there will be created an opportunity for future generations to see and admire the magnificent buildings that have witnessed, and have been a part of the history.